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Agnes Letitia Archbald was
born on 9 October 1860 at 129 Great College Street in Camden Town, Islington. She was the first of six children of John Renton Archbald and Sophia, née Gilfoy. It is a point of interest to note that, although all the children were registered in the name Archbald, most subsequent references are as Archibald. However, the census of 1961 lists their name as Archball.

By 1863, the family were living at 27 Camden Cottages, Camden New Town, Middlesex, but by 1871 they had moved to 1 Brydges Road in Stratford New Town, Middlesex, but this seems to have been temporary as Agnes' two youngest siblings were born in Islington. On her 19th birthday, she was given a Birthday Book by E Wright. This book remained within the family and continued to be used.

Agnes was married to widower Harvey Harding at St.James' church in Holloway on 1 November 1880. Harvey was a confectionery chef who had moved to London from Devon together with his daughter Jessie from his previous marriage to Jesse Hughes.

Agnes and Harvey had three children and step-daughter Jessie continued to live with them as shown in the census of 1881. Agnes Sophia was born at 4 Corbyn Street in Finsbury Park on 21 November 1881, Annie Edith at 5 Agnes Villas, Carmichael Road, South Norwood on 5 October 1883 and Harvey Herman at 6 Tennison Road, South Norwood on 3 December 1884. Agnes kept a family bible in which she wrote the names and birth dates of her children, then later the dates and details of their marriages.

In 1891 the family were living at 168 Wellfield Road in Streatham and by 1901 they had moved to 38 Eardley Road, Streatham, Surrey. They had two lodgers at this house, Walter Welch and Thomas Smith, who were newly qualified teachers, and each of whom married a daughter of Agnes and Harvey. Walter married Jessie in 1901 and Thomas married Agnes in 1905. Thomas and Agnes continued to live with the family until they could afford to rent a house of their own.

According to the 1911 census, Agnes and Harvey were living alone at 92 Dahomey Road in Streatham but later moved in with Thomas and daughter Agnes to 189 Mitcham Lane, Streatham until their death. There is a chest of drawers which belonged to the family at that time and which remains in use with their descendants.

Harvey passed away on 8 November 1924 but Agnes survived another ten years, passing away on 21 January 1935. She was buried in grave no.862 in block 14 of Streatham Cemetery and there is a Funeral Card which was kept by her grandaughter Marie Smith.


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