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Thomas Blencowe was born about 1863 in Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, according to details in the
census of 1871. At that time his family were living at Clarence Street in Wolverhampton and he was the eldest of the four children of Thomas and Maria Blencowe. By the time of the census of 1881 the family is recorded as being at 3 Shepherd Street in Wolverhampton.

In 1884, Thomas married Clara Morris at the parish church of St.Mark's in Wolverhampton. Where they went to live is not known at present.

Their first child William Henry was born in 1887 then Mabel, their second, the following year. Sadly, Clara died in 1890 after which Thomas lived with his parents so they could look after his children. This is confirmed in the census of 1891.

In 1894, Thomas married Emma Rosina Tuck in Wolverhampton. She already had a daughter but she was left with relatives. Thomas and Emma had three children, Ernest Mornington born in 1884, Clara born in 1898 and Dorothy born about 1902. The census of 1901 shows their address as 5 Lewis Street in Wolverhampton. The family were living at 7 Sidney Street, Wolverhampton according to the census of 1911.

Thomas died in Wolverhampton in 1922. Emma survived him as a widow until 1948.


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