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Alfred Dexter was born on 17 April 1865 at 25 Duke Street in Leicester, twin of William, they being the eldest children of William and Ellen Dexter.

In 1871, the family were living at 4 Victoria Street in Leicester, by which time sister Mary had been born. By 1881, Alfred had left home and was a Boots servant for Innkeeper Mr.Foy at 65 Church Gate, Leicester.

Alfred met Emma Rosina Tuck in Wolverhampton, and on 31 August 1887, their daughter Rose Elizabeth was born in Cropston, Leics. The census of 1891 shows the family living as man and wife at 22 Devonshire Road in Leicester. Alfred is listed as being a Shoemaker Pressman.

Within weeks, Alfred had separated from Emma and his daughter as, on 6 June 1891, he married Emma Cook, née Thomas, at the Register Office in Wolverhampton. Her husband had died a few years before and they had a daughter, Gertrude Bentley Cook, who was left in the care of her grandparents.

Their daughter Ada Louisa was born at 12 Southerland Place in Wolverhampton on 11 December 1892 and Annie at Market Place in Shepshed, Liecestershire on 26 October 1893. Doris was born at 22 Lovatt Street in Stafford on 20 February 1897 and son William Thomas on 30 June 1899 at 23 Ruby Street in Leicester. At the time the census of 1901 was taken, it shows them still living at 23 Ruby Street in Leicester, however, Emma's daughter Gertrude was living with her aunt Ada, Emma's sister, at that time. Alfred and Emma had two more sons, Harry born on 27 January 1902 at 79 Sylvan Street in Leicester and Alfred born on 17 January 1905 at 40 Marfith Street in Leicester.

Alfred and Emma had decided upon emigration so in September 1906, he sailed to Canada to find a place to establish themselves. On 13 June 1907, Emma and her children from her second marriage, sailed from Liverpool bound for Montreal and then on to Hamilton, Ontario.

Son Charles Hamilton Dexter was born in Hamilton, Ontario on 3 October 1908.

The couple had moved to Columbus in Franklin County, Ohio at some in the 1920's along with many of their children. Alfred died in 1927 and was buried in Green Lawn Cemetery. Emma survived him and died in 1942.


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