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HARDING of StaffordshireSee separate Index
Agnes Minna HARDING,1875-1915
Agnes Sophia HARDING1881-1967
Albert Augustus HARDING1869-1871
Amy Emily HARDINGb.1895
Annie Edith HARDING1883-1968
Blanche Horrill HARDING1882-1959
Charity Ann HARDING1849-1934
Dorcas Mary Stewart HARDINGb.1878
Edith Emily HARDING1873-1951
Eliza Jane HARDINGb.circa 1856
Elizabeth HARDING1830-1897
Emily Stirling HARDING1868-1879
Ernest Augustus HARDING1838-1910
Florence Bertha HARDING1864-1884
Florence Elizabeth HARDING1867-1939
Florence Minnie HARDINGb.1912
George HARDING1840-1915
George HARDINGb.circa 1884
George Douglas HARDINGb.1847
George Ernest Sturley HARDING1880-1880
Gertrude Doris HARDING1910-1912
Gertrude Ellen HARDING1863-1891
Gertrude Ellen HARDING1870-1946
Harry HARDINGb.1847
Harvey HARDING1844-1924
Harvey Herman HARDING1884-1962
Henry HARDINGb.1835
Henry HARDINGb.circa 1848
Herbert HARDINGb.circa 1869
Herman HARDING1846-1885
Herman HARDING1859-1937
Herman Henry HARDINGb.1880
Jacqueline HARDINGb.1941
James HARDINGb.1825
Jessie Minnia HARDING1874-1947
John HARDINGb.circa 1780
John HARDINGcirca 1803-1876
John HARDINGb.1846
John Douglas HARDINGb.circa 1908
Kathleen HARDINGb.circa 1908
Lewis HARDINGb.circa 1873
Lilian Augusta HARDING1872-1950
Lilian Augusta HARDING1880-1907
Louisa HARDINGb.1855
Lydia HARDINGb.1868
Mabel Rose HARDING1877-1949
Mary Ann HARDINGb.1862
Minnie Selina HARDING1866-1922
Reginald A J HARDINGb.1936
Reginald Charles HARDINGb.1908
Rewben HARDINGb.circa 1877
Richard HARDING1820-1890
Richard HARDINGb.circa 1886
Robert HARDINGb.1807
Robert HARDINGb.1827
Robert Henry HARDINGb.1907
Rowland HARDINGb.circa 1872
Thomas HARDINGb.1833
Vera A HARDINGb.1937
Walter HARDINGb.circa 1858
William HARDINGb.1850
William HARDINGb.circa 875


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