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Agnes Annie SMITH1903-1986
Agnes Marie SMITH1912-2004
Agnes Mary SMITH1882-1889
Albert SMITHb.circa 1878
Albert SMITH1888-1888
Alice SMITHb.circa 1865
Ann SMITHb.circa 1876
Ann SMITHb.1841
Ann Gillian SMITHb.1945
Annie Louisa SMITHb.1884
Archbald William SMITH1909-1972
Arthur SMITHb.1890
Daniel SMITHb.1815
Edith SMITH1893-1896
Elizabeth SMITHb.circa 1788
Elizabeth SMITHb.circa 1817
Ellen SMITHb.1837
Emily SMITHb.circa 1868
Ernest SMITHb.1881
Fanny SMITHb.circa 1783
Fanny SMITH1847-1881
Finlay SMITHb.2008
Franck SMITHb.1894
Hannah SMITH1808-1808
Hannah SMITH1841-1842
Harvey Thomas SMITH1906-1971
Helen SMITHb.1837
Henry James SMITH1839-1896
James SMITHb.circa 1812-1872
James SMITHb.circa 1845
John SMITH1853-1889
Joseph T SMITHb.circa 1876
Leonard Humble SMITH1886-1931
Malcolm Archbald SMITHb.1940
Mary SMITHb.circa 1833
Mary SMITHb.1891
Mary Ann SMITH1811-1811
Mary Ann SMITHb.circa 1814
Nancy SMITHb.circa 1778
Rosina SMITHb.circa 1867
Sarah SMITH1836
Sidney SMITHb.circa 1880
Stewart Thomas SMITHb.1943
Sydney James SMITH1874-1956
Thomas SMITH1850-1911
Thomas SMITH1878-1943
William SMITHcirca 1775-1844
William SMITH1750-1812
William SMITHb.1834
William SMITH
William Richard SMITHb.1876


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