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Ellen Eliza Folker was born on 5 October 1856 at
20 Russell Square in Brighton, Sussex and was baptised on 7 November 1856 in the Chapel Royal. She was known as Eliza. She did not see much of her father as he deserted the home five years later. The 1861 census shows Ellen still at the home of her maternal grandparents at 20 Russell Square with her siblings and mother.

By 1871 shows that she and her brother Herbert are living at 31 Osborne Street in Hove with their mother. The family group was the same when the 1881 census was taken but now living at 28 Drove Place in Hove and Eliza was then working as a governess.

Sometime between 1881 and 1885, Eliza and her brother Herbert had moved to Guildford. Their brother Horace and their father alredy lived there at separate addresses. The whereabouts of their mother is not known. Eliza seems to have taken a clerical job in a bank where she would have met Thomas Clark whom she married at St.Nicholas church in Guildford on 19 January 1885.

Son Leslie Horace was born in 1886, daughter Violet Zenobia in 1888 and son Fredreick John in 1990. When the census of 1891 was taken, Eliza and Thomas were living at 2 Baillee Road in Guildford with son Leslie. The whereabouts of their other two children at that time is not known.

The family were still living in Baillee Road when Eliza died at home on 16 June 1894 due to placental haemmorhage during childbirth. The child did not survive. Eliza was buried at Holy Trinity church in Guildford. Her daughter Violet was appointed administrator of her willThomas moved back to his home town of Exeter where he died in 1911.


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