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Dora  Emily  FOLKER

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Dora was the only child of Sydney and Vera (née Cooke) Folker and was born at 12 Crown Terrace in Cricklewood on 3 September 1913. She was always known as Doady which is a name taken from a Dickens novel, her father being an ardent fan of Charles Dickens.

Doady was baptised at St.Michael and All Angels church in Stonebridge Park on 2 November 1913. Her godmother was Eva Bruckshaw who was a friend of her aunt Evelyn.

Chapter 1Childhood, school days & employment
Chapter 2Marriage and family life
Chapter 3Widowhood
Appendix 1Dwellings
Appendix 2Vehicles
Appendix 3Photographs
Appendix 4Keepsakes







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