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Mary Josephine Parsons was born on 15 February 1865 at Liverpool in Lancashire and
baptised at St.Anthony's church in Scotland Road on 26 February. The census of 1871 shows her with the family living at 31 Everton Brow but she is not evident in the 1881 census so was away from home at that time.

Mary married Commercial Traveller John Plumpton Hughes at St.Francis Catholic Church in West Derby, Lancashire on 9 January 1886. Her sister Eleanor and brother Charles were witnesses. She was called Mary Jo by her husband and that name stuck with her.

Daughter Adelaide Clare, known as Clare, was born in 1888 and Margaretta in 1890. The census of 1891 shows them living at 8 Gilda Crescent in Eccles with Mary's sister Margaret visiting. Mary Millington was the General Servant to the household.

Daughter Mabel was born in 1892, Louisa Clemison Plumpton in 1894, Boyda Gwendolen in 1898 and Barbara Ursula in 1900. The census of 1901 lists John and Mary with children Louisa, Boyda and Barbara and servants Harriet Buffs and Elizabeth Buckley. Their address was 135 Withington Road in Withington, Lancashire and John is recorded as being a Provision Merchant.

Daughter Agnes Marion was born in 1904 and Elfrida Josephine in 1906. Daughter Adelaide married about 1909 then moved to Calgary in Canada. Mary had gone ro visit her and was so impressed that she determined to move her entire family there, difficulties in making the arrangements, then the Great War, prevented the trip.

When the census was taken in 1911, the couple were recorded at different addresses. John was a Publican at the Rainbow Hotel in Manchester and Mary in a house called Glendon in Albert Avenue, Sideley Park, Prestwich, Lancashire. Mary had all her daughters with her except Adelaide.. However, Adelaide returned to England for a visit with her husband and son that same year at which time a family group photograph was taken.

Daughter Margaretta went over to Canada in 1913, then in 1919, the remainder of the family sailed to Canada. They left Liverpool aboard the Allan Line ship SS Minnedosa on 8 March bound for St.John's in New Brunswick. From there they took the train to Calgary where they settled. The daughters continued with their education. Mary's husband John passed away in 1934 but she survived until 1951 and was buried with him.


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